She doesn’t have

Empathy for herself, yet she has

Empathy for others.

She doesn’t think

There is something out there, yet she sees

A soul in everyone else.

Oh! How sad.

She doesn’t realize how sad,

For lost is everything she is.


Hope is part of her,

Will she be found?

And for the better,

find herself?

She has

Been found,



Oh! How sad.

She doesn’t realize how sad,

For compassion towards herself,

Isn’t conceivable.

Christianisme, Poeme

The party began

Her eyes were focused on distant lands
Where she could soon, forget her sorrows
To know another life, she saw herself there already
Why stay here, everything was waiting there!
One day she got up, making her decision
To leave her family, to leave her place
She left conquering, yet unsatisfied with her choice
Adventure was waiting for her, on this way of queen!
She was living without counting, crunching to her teeth

This life of pleasure, which lasted only a short time
Leaving her without money, without resource, without anything
Who brought her back to her house at home.
Her father was waiting for her, oh! For so long !
He would forgive her because it was his child
Hugging her, he took her

And the party began, and happiness too!

God is waiting for us, his arms are open to us
Can he squeeze us against his Father’s heart?
Returning to him, we will be welcomed
As the Bible says, words of Jesus Christ.

Poeme, Vie

I hope

God, I know
Giants don’t have any impact on you
For you are great
Your breath and your life grab me

Lord, make me a woman of peace, a woman of joy who opens her mouth to laugh, to encourage and not to

Sometimes you know it
I can not do it
Lord help me
Improve me

Your Grace protects
Your lightening grace
Burdens and sorrows are given to the Cross, and I walk in the Faith
Your love impregnates me
Your love drives on roads that we do not know with this assurance that you’re still there

Lord, by Faith I proclaim that I will cross many paths with you, in you, for you

I have faith, you guide me
I have Fearless Faith and you decide to propel it with words and thoughts
I have Faith and my faith, with you, in you and for you, I love it!

“Yes, I ask him to make you strong by his Spirit, so great is his glory. So you can be strong Christians. May Christ live in your hearts by faith! Plunge see roots in love and be solidly built on that love. Then you will be able to understand with all Christians the breadth, the height and the depth of the love of Christ. ”

Ephesians 3. 16-18

Christianisme, Poeme, Vie

All I claim

It is not new or old,
This sweet wriggling fire that consumes me.
This fire was there at the time of the night,
Who is dying. Your sun replaces my moon.

The love that is dead is back.
I am preparing myself to receive you well.
Spring returns in our journey,
And I can not wait to see you again.

I promised you I could do it.
I was ready for anything to win your heart.
This detour to fight on the ground,
Give back my fidelity to your honor.

You my God and me a little soul,
Who wants to learn to love you in everything.
Your love is all that I claim. All I claim.

“Then the kingdom of God will be like ten virgins …”

Matthew 25: 1