Who are you

Around you, a cage you built
Inside of you, a being on the waiting.

You are a prisoner,
free in the prison you carefully,
and beautifully designed.

The day you free your self,
from choosing the next mask,
having to please anyone,
staying faithful to a lie,
the fear of being abandoned,

To be yourself,
protects you from those who aren’t.



I hear you talking, nobody gets along.
Everyone’s truth, each one’s will.
I hear you praying resigned whispering,
I hear you scream that yours is bigger.

I hear you tell me that you are right,
You talk about martyrs, saints and demons,
Children to circumcise, first communions.
To kill to convert, and all this in his name.

And I hear your priests, your imams your rabbis.
Your exalted preachers, your bishops, your witnesses.
Attempt to enlist, play the politicians.
Full of prosperity speeches, singing the tomorrows.

It is not in these terms.
May my heart wonder.
All these nonsense are only effects of togas.
Steering business, or fear of the clock.

God came closer to our hearts of flesh,
By having one himself.
I know where he lives,
He came closer than he never was before.
He is the inventor of “I love you”.
Caught deep in our throats.

Hey daddy

Little, you take him as a king,
He is your knight, your flying hero.
But when you grow up you leave behind,
These unfortunate childish beliefs.

Yet he remains

He would give you his heart,
He would give you his life.
Know that him also is crying,
When nothing smiles back to him.

So give him one last chance.
Offer him an ultimate belief.
Know that deep down he always wished,
A simple “I love you daddy”.

Go, tell him. Before it is too late.
Believe me,
you don’t want this regret.

Fierce soul

She has been broken for a long time,
Always left on the sidelines.
An empty shell without feeling,
A woman with a fierce soul.
The years passed, identical.
Imprisoned in her fear,
Seeing an evil future,
To be profiled in her misfortune.

Yet nothing was missing,
Only true love.
Not being a vulgar toy,
Against questionable feelings.

But from her shell she saw it,
While she had no hope.
Kindnesses and outstretched hands
He saved her from those dark hours.

She has been broken for a long time,
But he helps her to rebuild herself.
Her shell gradually disappearing,
To him who does not want to destroy her.

Open my eyes

Even if you have suffered a lot in your life:
it was only the passage to your learning.
Even though you cried a lot,
it allowed your soul to cleanse itself, to empty its pain.

Even if you have come to hate people:
it was just to forgive them better today.
All the misfortunes that we must undergo
are used to make us grow.

They allow us
to come out stronger from these hard
and distressing ordeals.

Life hurts us so much that we would like
to see ourselves die.
But in fact, all these passages
are there to push us to move forward.

My life suddenly takes a new turn,
for me it is a great deliverance.

I can only thank God,
because despite what I suffered,
all this suffering,
I’m stronger now and I understand a lot more things now.

The most important thing
is to continue and believe
that everything can still “Start again”.

Only the one who has gone through life
with eyes wide open knows
the pain of reality.

Respect for one who gets up after a fall,
not for one who has never fallen.
If I had to start my life again
I would not change anything
But I would open my eyes a little bigger!